DPS Profile Creator 2 User Manual

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The DPS Profile Creator software gives the audio engineer full access to all audio adjustment parameters for the DPS audio processing algorithms.  This document provides a broad overview of the DPS Profile Creator and describes the audio functions of the Bongiovi DPS algorithm.  It is intended for the audio engineer responsible for creating a great customer experience using this high-performance audio processing toolbox.

Key Features

  • All platforms are calibrated using a single tool. Serial, HID, I2C, RPC, and Ethernet connections supported.
  • All algorithm parameters are exposed to the user.
  • Convenient preset management for auditioning and organizing different parameter sets.
  • Real-time audio meters for instant feedback about the operation of the algorithm.
  • User Controls mimic the API exposed in the final product.
  • Collaborate and organize with extensive notes and info features.
  • Virtual Audio Driver integration for real-time simulation of the algorithm on a Windows PC.
  • Light or Dark UI schemes.

Notes About This Manual

The DPS Profile Creator is under constant development. Images in this manual may not reflect your version perfectly.

This user manual is designed to support online language translation.  To facilitate this, all window control diagrams are labeled with color-coded numbers:

  • Orange with black number – A control the user may manipulate.
    • Sliders
    • Knobs
    • Buttons
  • Cyan with black number – A real-time indicator of algorithm function.
    • Audio level meters
    • Gain reduction meters
    • Text messages
  • HOTKEYS – If a keyboard hotkey or click combination is available, it will be listed in red text.

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