Preset Management

The DPS Profile Creator provides a powerful system for managing algorithm parameter sets and their associated metadata.

Workflow Concepts

These workflow concepts must be understood to get the most out of the Profile Creator preset management system:

  • When connected to a platform, The Profile Creator is the master controller of all algorithm parameters.  
    • UI controls on the platform should not be used while Profile Creator is connected.  This will cause the Profile Creator’s controls to become out of sync with parameters on the platform.
    • If UI controls on the platform are used, click the sync button on the User Window to pull current parameters.
  • Each instance of the algorithm may load a single Profile parameter set.
  • Groups of instances are organized by Presets.  Each Preset may contain one or more Profiles.
  • The Preset Manager is used to create all listening modes for a product or application.
  • When acoustic tuning and listening mode creation is complete, a single BGPS binary file may be exported that contains all parameter sets.
    • For microcontroller cases, a .h file containing Communication API bytes may be exported. This data may be sent to the DPS SDK via serial, I2C, or any other communication protocol.
    • For special embedded cases, a ProDef.c file may be exported that contains the same data in C struct format.  The ProDef.c file is compiled into the platform’s application.
  • The BGPS may be loaded on the platform side where the presets are accessed via index 0-19.
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