File Tab

  • BGPS – A binary parameter file format that contains 20 audio profiles with metadata.
    • Save BGPS file.
    • Load BGPS file.
  • Import – Parameter files are version-specific. Older versions must be imported and converted to the current format.
    • Import BGVX – Import DPS 1st generation profiles created in DPS Profile Creator 1.x.
    • Import BGPS – Import specific profiles from an existing BGPS into your current project. See Import Window below.
  • Export
    • ProDef – Export parameters in C struct format for inclusion in SDK applications.
    • Comm Data – Export presets as raw hex data in a 2 dimensional C code array (header file) for inclusion in MCU projects. This data can be sent to the SDK via the Communication API.
  • Preset Manager – Opens the Preset Management window.
  • Online User Manual – Opens this manual in your default browser.

Import Window

As of version, you may import specific profiles from a BGPS file into your workspace.

  1. Select Import BGPS from in the File tab.
  2. Browse to the BGPS file you want to import.
  3. Choose the index (0-19) in the Destination drop down menus you want to import each profile into.
    1. This corresponds to the Index column in the Preset Manager
    2. If the “-” is selected, the profile will not be imported.
  4. Click “Apply”. This will import all selected profiles into your current Preset Manager workspace.
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