Debug Window

The Debug Window provides important information about the platform and data exchanged with the Profile Creator.  This window is constantly under development as platforms are updated.  Some functions on this window are not supported by all platforms.

  • Enable Logging – Write Tx/Rx parameter data to the debug window.
  • Log to file – Write the parameter data to a continuous text file.
    • The file is located at C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Bongiovi\pc2.txt
  • Clear Log – Clear the log window.  Does not affect the log file.
  • Write Audio to File – Used to verify raw audio output in Local SDK Emulation mode.
    • Check the box to begin writing the file.  Uncheck to stop and save the file.
    • Raw PCM audio data files are written to C:\Users\<your user>\Documents\pcout.pcm
    • Audio data format is always:
      • 32-bit float IEEE
      • Default byte order (Little Endian)
      • 2 channels
      • Sample Rate as set in Audio Settings
    • PCM files are not overwritten.  A number suffix is added to the file name as new files are created. 
  • Profile Check – Used to compare parameters on the platform to those loaded in the Profile Creator.
    • A diff file will be created if differences are found.  This represents the entire parameter memory structure.
    • Search for “DIFF” in the text file to find the values that do not match.
  • Select and Set Sample Rate – The sample rate value is pulled from the platform by default.  However, the sample rate used by the algorithms can be pushed to the platform using this control.  
    • This will trigger recalculation of all coefficients on the platform for the new sample rate.
    • The actual sample rate of the audio stream will not change.
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