Introducing new and improved algorithm components:

  • Introducing the Zero-Footprint SDK!  As compiled Javascript (asm) the Zero-Footprint SDK provides in-browser audio processing.  Click here to learn more
  • Virtual Subwoofer™ (VSUB™) 2.0 – New and improved bass enhancement for small speakers with dynamic leveling and saturation features.
  • V3D™ (Virtual 3D Surround for Headphones) – HRTF algorithm for accurate positioning of sound in 3D audio space.  Comes in stereo and multi-channel (up to 7.1) versions.
    • NOTE:  These components are currently available in hardware solutions only.  They will be coming to the SDK soon!

Bongiovi audio processing is now available as a FDA Class 1 listed medical device data system.  Click here for details about Medical Digital Power Station (MDPS).

JetAudio has integrated the Bongiovi DPS SDK into their excellent music player for Android and iOS!


Core Processing Codebase – 2.1.4 bug fixes and documentation improvements.

Current Android version is: 2.1.4 – Official Release.  Demo App has many bug fixes and includes controls for all features of the Core Processing Codebase.

NEW! Android Studio Sample: The sample project has been updated to build with Gradle and Android Studio v2.1.3.  The original version for Eclipse is still available.

Current iOS version is: 1.3.0 – Official Release.  Supports iOS 7.0 to 8.1 with 32 and 64bit compatibility.  Includes debug version for use in the iOS simulator.  OSX libs are available by request.

NEW!  Audio Tap Sample – This sample demonstrates how to add Bongiovi DPS processing using Apple’s MTAudioProcessingTap available in iOS 6 and up, and is based largely on Apple sample code. The DpsAudioTapProcessor class contains code that demonstrates how to initialize the DPS library, load a profile, and add simple controls to interact with the DPS API.

Current Windows version is: 1.1.1 – Updated sample project to load bgvx profiles.  Compatible with all versions of Windows.  A VS 2013 sample project is included.

Current Linux version is:  Created as-needed.  Currently the processing library and gStreamer plugin is available.  Please contact us for more information.