Gen2 SDK Overview

The latest Bongiovi audio processing SDKs are available in 3 library/API packages:

  • DPS Core SDK
    • Provides output audio processing functions for speakers, headphones, and other audio output applications.  Features include:
      • Noise Gate
      • 12 band parametric EQ with high pass filter
      • Patented Bongiovi AGC
      • 5 band Multiband AGC
      • Look-ahead limiter
      • Dynamic Sound Stage Enhancement
      • Virtual Subwoofer Bass Enhancement
  • DPS Microphone SDK
    • Provides input audio processing functions for microphones and other input sources.  Features include:
      • AI Noise Reduction for Speech
      • Reverb and Echo Effects
      • Pitch Shift
      • Howling Feedback Cancellation
      • Plus all features included in the DPS Core SDK
  • V3D SDK
    • Provides multichannel to binaural downmixing for headphones and speakers.  Features include:
      • Downmix up to 18 input channels as 18 virtual speakers
      • Optimized HRTF algorithm for minimal CPU usage
      • Supports head tracking
      • Supports user customization of virtual speaker placement
      • LFE passthrough
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