Core DPS

Core DPS is a signal flow designed to achieve the maximum performance of any system. It was developed using the expertise gained from 50 years of being at the top of the professional recording industry.

All components of the algorithm suite interact and work with core algorithms to make DPS the most flexible solution available.

The Core DPS Signal flow also has configurations for special use cases. Configurations such as Automotive, Karaoke, 1.1 Speakers and 2.1 Speakers.

All Core DPS Signal Flows contain the following Core DPS processing:

Bongiovi AGC: Bongiovi DPS’s patented gain modulation algorithm improves low-quality audio (Bluetooth, Streamed music, etc.) by reshaping dynamics lost in compression. Click here to learn how it works

Mastering Grade EQ: Bongiovi DPS uses the same high-quality mastering-grade EQ used in professional music production for clean enhancement of frequency content.

Multiband Output AGC: Bongiovi DPS uses a powerful multiband AGC for the control and regulation of signal levels. More than simple speaker protection, this is a powerful tool for dynamically shaping the sound of any system.