Televisions and Soundbars

Televisions are the core entertainment device in most homes. Even with increasing viewership on mobile devices, televisions still account for the majority of streamed media consumption.

In streaming content, audio is perhaps the most important aspect of a great cinematic experience. However, televisions are displays first, decorations second and audio devices third.

The lack of focus on audio leaves little to no real-estate for speakers which often ends up with undesirable performance.

The DPS Suite of algorithms improves the audio capabilities of speaker systems inside of televisions and soundbars.

Core DPS is a powerful algorithm for improving the audio capabilities of speakers while providing a number of key features such as Voice Clarity, Level Smoothing, Detail Enhancement, and Speaker Protection.

The Bongiovi AGC makes significant speech intelligibility improvements in, noisy, real world environments and has been tested using ANSI standardized testing methods.

Dynamic Stereo Enhancement is able to improve a wide and immersive stereo image, even on TVs with speakers firing down or backward, without compromising speech or other important audio.

Virtual Subwoofer (VSUB) is a crucial algorithm for lower-end speakers, allowing them to reproduce bass frequencies that would normally be lost. The VSUB algorithm is able to provide up to 30dB of dynamic bass boost without hurting small TV speaker drivers. VSUB is also flexible enough to dramatically improve the bass response of higher-end systems with or without a subwoofer.

DPS Sound Profiles enables televisions and soundbars to be multipurpose, for movies, music, gaming, and even improving speech intelligibility for sports and news programs.