DPS Sound Profiles

DPS can be configured to have multiple profiles with specialized uses. Different media content can be optimized differently on a product to give the user greater control and the best experience depending on the content. These profiles use DPS features to improve audio for its intended content.

Some Examples of DPS Sound Profiles are:

  • Music Mode: Focuses on enhancing low quality streamed/compressed music files. DPS brings out the full rich audio as intended by the artist with no compromises.
  • Movie Mode: Focuses on bringing out every detail of the audio landscape developed by the movie studio. DPS brings the movie theater experience to any product.
  • Gaming Mode – Single Player: Designed to immerse the user in the game.V3D is important in providing the user with clear directional sound to make the game world feel like it is around them. V3D combined with DPS’s ability to master audio in real-time, provides the best immersive experience.
  • Gaming Mode – Multiplayer: Designed for the hardcore competitive gaming experience. Sound is sculpted by the precision mastering grade EQ to bring out every footstep, gunshot, ability, and voice communication clearly. V3D allows for a comfortable natural listening experience allowing gamers to play longer with less fatigue. V3D enhances the directional audio information to make for a more natural, easier detection of the sound.
  • Phone Call – Mode: Improves speech intelligibility. Many times noisy or lower quality microphones make voices difficult to understand on phone calls. Bongiovi DPS uses special processing to make the voice easier to understand.

Audio profiles are created using our powerful acoustic tuning tool, the DPS Profile Creator.