A car is the most hostile acoustic environment most consumers will ever experience. The enclosed space, panes of reflective glass, road noise, engine noise, and undesirable speaker placement is all detrimental to the sound quality.

Bongiovi’s DPS suite of algorithms contains the tools needed to compensate and optimize for the anomalies in an automotive speaker system.

DPS brings studio quality sound to automotive audio

DPS has specific implementations designed for automotive head units. This version of DPS is capable of a multichannel instance for more control over the sound quality of a car.

The automotive version also contains Balance, Separate Front/Rear Instances, and Advanced Sound Stage controls. All designed to work with the DPS algorithms for an enhanced effect.

This solution also contains Core DPS and it’s Bongiovi AGC for transparent dynamic control, 10 Bands of Custom Fully Parametric EQ for the most powerful frequency response control, and the Multiband Output AGC to shape and control the sound for maximum performance and protection.

DPS Sound Profiles allow the vehicle to have multiple sounds depending on the driver’s needs.

A few examples are:

  • Adaptive Sensitivity – Enhance only the quiet parts of audio as road noise increases.
  • Music Genre Modes – Enhancing certain genre of music such as Jazz, Rock, Pop and Hip Hop.
  • Relaxed Mode – A more subdued sound for long drives or for listening while being able to have conversations.
  • Driver, Passenger, or Balanced Sound Stage modes – The virtual center channel and stereo field may be customized for any listening configuration.

For more information about how to integrate DPS into car audio systems, please contact us.