The Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) algorithm provides many features for improving the performance of loudspeaker products.  Performance metrics may include better bass response, speech intelligibility, loudness, and more.

Adaptive Algorithms

DPS is a patented configuration of algorithm blocks that may be leveraged for subtle or very large effects to deliver a best-in-class listening experience.  A good way to understand the features of the algorithm is with the measurement results of a real-world implementation:

  • Each frequency measurement represents a user’s listening level (volume control setting).
    • Max power of the system is represented at -10dB on the graph.
  • The Virtual Subwoofer™ algorithm is used for psychoacoustic and dynamic bass boost.
    • Note 12dB of bass boost is applied for lower volume levels.
    • The algorithm automatically adapts to only boost 5dB at max volume.
  • A High Pass filter is implemented to prevent distortion due to low-frequency signals not audible in the sound system.
  • The mastering studio-quality EQ is used to correct speaker response and “sweeten” the tone.
  • The Bongiovi AGC provides clarity in loud noise environments and greater detail at low listening levels.
  • Multiband compression provides dynamic adjustment of high frequencies in this case; at the volume level increases, high frequencies are reduced to maintain a full sound.
  • A Look-ahead limiter prevents any signal from exceeding the mechanical specifications of the system.  This may be used to limit all signals at the maximum level for the greatest loudness possible.