Laptops are not thought of as audio products. Laptops and personal computers are tools first and entertainment second, prioritizing power and portability.

Consumers still expect to be able to listen to music, watch videos, and have important VOIP calls without the need for external accessories.

Bongiovi‚Äôs DPS Suite has the tools needed to take laptop speaker systems into an exceptional audio experience.

Core DPS provides the tools necessary to sculpt laptop speakers into an enjoyable sound experience. Core DPS is especially useful in sculpting the sound of speakers while protecting them.

Dynamic Stereo Enhancement increases the stereo field of small laptop speakers. This algorithm takes the near mono sound of a laptop and spreads it wider for a richer entertainment experience.

Virtual Subwoofer enables speakers to reproduce low-frequency audio content. This algorithm makes movies and music both come through with all of the intended details and sounds.

DPS Sound Profiles enable laptops to meet any and all specialized needs. These sound profiles can be manually or automatically changed to accent certain frequencies for different needs. Some examples may be Loudness mode, VOIP or Voice Mode, and Cinema or Movie Mode.