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The ALC567x audio hub platform features a powerful dsp and USB audio codec for powering Bongiovi Karaoke and Gaming solutions. Suitable for low power applications such as earbuds or USB Type-C audio interfaces.

Karaoke FirmwareV3D Gaming Firmware
1 voice + 2 music-> stereo outputUp to 7.1 input -> stereo output
Bongiovi AGC Bongiovi AGC
10 band EQ 10 band EQ
User Volume + 2 EQs User Volume + 2 EQs
2 band compressor2 band compressor
Stereo Enhancement
Virtual Subwoofer Virtual Subwoofer
V3D 7.7.2 or 2.7.2 HRTF Surround
Microphone Noise Gate Microphone Noise Gate
Karaoke Reverb and Echo Effects
Channel MixingChannel Mixing

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