V3D is a surround sound solution for headphones and earbuds.  It uses the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) concept to create an array of virtual speakers arranged around the user’s perceptual listening space.

The V3D algorithm is compatible with stereo and multi-channel surround sound media sources.  The algorithm can be configured to adapt automatically to any number if input channels.

Normal Headphone Listening

There are several drawbacks to listening to audio media content (especially for gaming and VR) on headphones.  Most notably, the sound field is “inside of the head” resulting in an unnatural experience.

V3D With Stereo Content Source

Even though rear channel information is not supplied, many users report an ability to “hear behind” when using V3D in this mode.  This is due to V3D’s accurate positioning of content in a sound field “outside of the head”.  This configuration has been referred to as “Virtual 7.1” by our headphone manufacturing customers.

Virtual 7.1 is also referred to as a 2.7.2 headphone surround system.  2 (channels in). 7 (channels HRTF up-mix). 2 (channels down-mix).

V3D with Surround Sound Content

When a quadraphonic, 5.1 or 7.1 media source is supplied to V3D, the sound effect positions will become even more accurate.

Multi-channel 7.1 headphone surround is referred to as 7.7.2. 7 (channels input). 7 (channels HRTF). 2 (channels down-mix).