Communication is key to any successful operation. In business, communication is critical to successful management and teamwork. In an industrial setting, communication is an underlying backbone of a safe work environment.

The Bongiovi Suite of Algorithms has the tools to improve speech intelligibility, even in the most extreme critical communication situations.

Bongiovi DPS was tested using the ANSI Standard methods of Modified Rhyme Testing and STIPA testing.

  • Modified Rhyme Testing showed 50% improvements in Speech Intelligibility on average.
  • STIPA (Speech Transmission Index of Public Address-systems) testing showed full grade improvements on the STIPA scoring scale for speech intelligibility.

To learn more please check out our Speech Intelligibility White Paper.

Core DPS is a powerful tool-kit for improving speech intelligibility. Core DPS processes audio to overcome noisy environments on the playback side to cut through for a clear communication experience.

Bongiovi Sound Profiles provides various modes thatcan optimize voice communication in a variety of environments from casual to extreme. Sound Profiles also enable a device to serve secondary purposes like entertainment as well.