Small Speakers

Small portable speakers are the center of social audio experiences. Bongiovi DPS enhances small speakers to provide a louder, portable experience with more bass.

The Bongiovi Suite of algorithms provides a toolkit heavily designed around optimizing the audio signal for speakers for improved efficiency.

Core DPS provides a specialized signal flow that can be modified for Stereo and 1.1 and 2.1 speaker solutions. Core DPS also contains a flexible Multiband Output AGC capable of providing a loud, protected signal.

Virtual Subwoofer is able to bring out the low-frequency details that a small speaker is not able to reproduce on its own. Other algorithms will boost the lowest frequencies a speaker is capable of, however, the sounds too low to reproduce are lost entirely.

Dynamic Stereo Enhancement widens the sound of stereo speakers dynamically beyond their physical location. This dynamic function maintains center information while enhancing the stereo spread.

DPS Sound Profiles enable small speakers to be multi-purpose devices. Profiles such as Movies, Music, Loudness, and Phone Call, add enhanced functionality to the experience.