Gaming and VR

Bongiovi Acoustic Labs is home to avid gamers. As gamers, we recognize the needs and wants of the gaming community.

Directionality. Sound Cues. Voice Clarity. Immersion.


Bongiovi’s V3Dalgorithm provides the clearest and smoothest HRTF based Virtual Surround algorithm.

Based on the platform, V3Dworks with any audio source from 2 Channel up to 18.1 Channels.

For more information, please see our Platforms and Features Matrix.

Sound Cues

Sound Cues are designed to provide the player with important and crucial information.

Core DPS is an exceptional tool for bringing Sound Cues to the forefront. The Bongiovi AGC allows for clear and natural control of dynamic range that brings up important details.

Examples may be direct like gunshots or footsteps signaling a player what is happening out of view. Examples may also be a subtle change in frequency to indicate that an attack may be more powerful.

Voice Clarity

Core DPS excels in enhancing voice clarity. The Bongiovi AGC, together with Bongiovi’s custom 10 bands of fully parametric EQ makes for a crisp and clean voice that is effortless to understand.

In competitive gaming, communication is the most important sound component. Enhanced voice clarity can optimize gaming performance and lead to victory.


Bongiovi’s DPS Suite of algorithms are developed around the core principle of enriching the user experience. All of these algorithms work together to create an engaging and immersive audio experience.

Core DPS and V3Dwork together to create a realistic sound stage that is natural and comfortable, providing a premium response for any product.