Dynamics Studio – Multiband AGC

Bongiovi Acoustic Labs Dynamics Studio is the most flexible and powerful Multiband AGC solution available. Dynamics Studio is capable of processing up to 5 different frequency bands, each with its own type of dynamics processing. These dynamic processes allow Dynamics Studio to meet all Multiband AGC needs.

AGC Algorithms

Each band has the following algorithms available to choose from:


The Compressor is the most flexible and familiar dynamics algorithm available. The Ratio can be set from 1:1.5 up to 10:1, The Attack from 0ms to 99ms, and the release from 0ms to 400ms.

Boost Limiter

The Boost Limiter is an exciting and powerful dynamics processor that can easily be used to shape and tone the sound of an entire speaker. Threshold increases Gain Reduction while boosting the signal, creating a dense band of sound which can be attenuated using the Ceiling control.


The Clipper is a low power peak limiter that can be set to hard or soft clipping. Both hard and soft clipping have their place depending on the frequency band and sound of the speaker system.

Pass Through

Pass-Through allows bands to have no processing assigned to them other than gain control. This is perfect for higher-end systems where pass through bands are absolutely necessary to keep the voice clean and clear.

Crossover Leakage Control

Bongiovi Acoustic Labs uses an arrangement of side-chain filters to solve the inherent problem of Crossover Leakage. Crossover leakage occurs when bands with independent AGCs are summed and create a peak in the frequency response in between.

With our selection of filter presets are provided for each crossover, the Dynamics Studio is able to control for Crossover Leakage and provide a more musical and premium sound.