Serial Debug Window

The Serial Debug window is used to visualize UART messages transmitted (Tx) or received (Rx) between the Profile Creator and a target platform.

Supported Platforms and Functions

  • ARM M4f Platforms
    • Includes BES and NUC505 platforms.
    • All serial control messages are displayed here.
    • These are handled by the DPSParseByte function on the ARM side.
    • Flags
      • Flags 0 or 1 are used to control preset loading or pass other messages between the DPS ARM code and a connected UART device.
      • Each flag may be set on the ARM API or UART controller side.
      • Each flag may be set to any 8 bit unsigned integer.
      • Get – Click to get the value of the selected flag from ARM.  The returned value is displayed in the Value text box.
      • Set – Click to send the current Value to ARM.
    • Info
      • Click to read the current version and build information from ARM.
    • Notes
      • Click to read the current profile notes (saved in indices.c) from ARM.   See the Notes feature for details.
    • These controls are used to verify functions on the TI APPE Ethernet controller.
    • Get/Set Status – Click to send/receive a packet from the TI APPE platform.
    • Auto Update – This is on by default.  When off, Set Status must be clicked to send an update to TI APPE.
      • NOTE:  DPS meters requests will generate a lot of messages in the UART debugging console.  Use Menu->Settings->Disable Meters to temporarily stop these messages.
    • Sample Rate – Manually set the sample rate of DPS on the TI APPE platform.  This will only change the expected sample rate for DPS, not the target platform.
    • Ethernet packet data is not displayed.  Use Export->TI APPE to see the contents of a packet in idps.c format.
  • Sunplus
    • All messages sent/received from any DPS enabled Sunplus platform will be displayed here.