Registry Configuration

  1. Input and Output buffers are used to manage data flow between the UI application and the APOs at runtime.
  2. Each valid device has it’s own registry folder for managing presets.
  3. Default presets are loaded into the registry upon installation. They are read-only and cannot be changed by the user. When the “reset” function is used, data from the Default Presets is loaded into the current user preset.
  4. Input presets store parameter data for microphone processing.
  5. Output presets store data for headphones or loudspeaker processing.
  6. DPS data includes EQ, Sensitivity, Voice Clarity, and other post-processing parameters.
  7. V3D data includes virtual speaker angles, filter configurations, allowed instances, etc.
    • V3D data can be organized by channel mask. This allows for different configurations depending on the media stream channels.
    • Any channel mask not specified, will receive the Default configuration.
    • NOTE: if the filter driver is used, only the 7.1 channel mask will be provided to the V3D APO.
  8. Additional output presets are stored in the registry. When a BACF file is imported, the data will be stored here.
  9. Additional devices are supported organized by VID/PID.
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