Windows APO SDK Overview

The Bongiovi APO SDK provides DPS and V3D audio processing as Microsoft Audio Processing Objects. This complete solution provides real-time control over all audio processing features.

  1. When a Windows application creates a new audio stream, it negotiates a maximum channel count with the Bongiovi APO installed with the audio device driver.
  2. The V3D SFX APO creates a binaural surround sound down-mix of the multi-channel source.
  3. The DPS EFX or MFX processes the stereo down-mix for EQ, dynamic range control, and other effects.
    • The user can adjust parameters and presets in real-time using a UI application. This application communicates with the APO via Windows registry RPC.
  4. The stereo result is rendered to the audio device with very low latency.

The SDK can work with both Render (speakers, headphones, etc) and Capture (microphone) Devices. The SDK has additional features such as device detection, sound recording, and sound playback for a complete user experience. The SDK is also able to display meters for microphone and speaker processing, to visually evaluate how the sound changes.

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