BongioviNR Setup – Windows

  1. Be sure a Virtual Audio Driver (VAD) is set up on your computer.
  2. Launch the BongiovNR application.
  3. Click the Options button at the top left.
  4. Choose Audio/MIDI Settings
  1. Set the Input and Output devices according to your use case:
  • For evaluation using pre-recorded media, set the Input to the virtual audio driver. Then set Output to your computer’s hardware output.
  • For real-time use with video chat applications, set Input to your webcam or other microphone source. Set Output to the virtual audio driver.
    • Be sure the virtual audio driver is set as the microphone source in your video chat application settings.
  1. Un-check Mute audio input if it is checked to allow audio to pass though the BongioviNR app.
  1. Close the Audio/MIDI settings window.
  2. Click here to continue to the BongioviNR User Manual

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