MDPS Zero Footprint SDK

The “0fp” solution provides MDPS audio processing in-browser as compiled JavaScript for WebRTC and other applications.


  • Achieve maximum speech intelligibility with MDPS audio processing performed in each endpoint’s browser.
  • Give users control over their audio experience.  Provide simple or extensive controls based on your users’ needs.
  • Smart Gate provides echo cancellation and noise reduction for endpoints that do not have AEC built into the hardware.
  • Push-to-Talk provides 2-way radio performance for extreme acoustic environments.
    • MDPS can be used to boost the signal to extreme volume levels!
  • Endpoint configuration files may be loaded from the server.  These configurations include the MDPS profile as well as Smart Gate and other parameters for reliable performance on known endpoints.
  • Currently compatible with Windows and OSX browsers that support WebRTC.  Mobile compatibility coming soon (see iOS and Android SDKs as a current solution).
  • Integration Examples – The SDK currently includes an example of integration into a Twilio Video server.  An example of processing music is also included.

What it is…

  • This SDK provides an audio solution that may be integrated into existing WebRTC systems to improve the user experience.
  • The SDK may also be used to enhance music or other audio within the web browser.
  • The SDK includes a working WebRTC setup with a web client interface and basic server that may be deployed locally for testing.
  • The UI provided in this demo may be used in whole or in part to provide the desired audio features for your system.
    • All controls are exposed to provide example use of the API and provide a platform for calibrating your endpoints.
    • Bongiovi engineering is happy to provide insight into appropriate controls for average users.

What is it not…

  • This SDK is not intended as a fully functional WebRTC system.
    • The WebRTC components are derived from the open source examples and represent the bare minimum required to demonstrate the audio solution.
  • This SDK does not address internet bandwidth or connection issues.
    • This audio processing solution works with an uncompressed audio stream after codec decoding.