Named Pipe

“Named Pipe” is a method of Remote Process Communication. This allows data to be exchanged between two applications on the same computer. In the case of DPS Profile Creator 2, it allows connections to instances of the DPS SDK running within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plugin. NOTE: This method only works when connecting to a plugin using the JUCE audio framework with the named pipe feature implemented.

  1. Launch your DAW and add an instance of a Bongiovi plugin.
  2. In the plugin enter a name for the pipe in the text box. Default is “bongdps”.
  3. Check the box to enable pipe connection.
  4. In DPS Profile Creator 2, select Named Pipe from the dropdown menu in the SETTINGS tab.
  5. Set the same name for the pipe in the text box.
  6. Click the checkbox to connect DPS Profile Creator 2 to the Bongiovi plugin instance. You will see audio meters moving in DPS Profile Creator when audio is playing through the plugin in the DAW.
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