player monitor
In every game & every moment

Split second reaction
demands precision audio

Hear them coming?

Hear them before you see them

Hear every Step, Every shot, every sound on the field of battle easily and comfortably. Any game, any sound = optimized advantage!

Tactical Communication Processing

Every callout cuts through the noise

Repair broken in game chat and make every callout crystal clear for optimal team coordination.

True Sound Localization

Pinpoint directional sound every time

DPS V3D Headphone technology makes locating sounds distinct and exact.

Immerse Yourself

Hear your game world like never before

Feel true immersion with DPS Gaming. Let the audio wrap around you and feel a sense of reality even 4K graphics cannot deliver.

Virtual Reality

Be there in sight and sound

DPS Gaming VR profiles transform Virtual into Reality. You spent hundreds on a VR rig, shouldn't you have the sound to go with it?