DPS API Functions Overview

This is a basic list of what the Bongiovi DPS SDK provides to your application:

Bongiovi DPS audio enhancement processing – Bongiovi Digital Power Station technology remasters incoming audio in real time to optimize it for playback.  It is a single algorithm that provides a wide range of audio solutions.

System Level Audio Processing –  Bongiovi DPS is not just an audio enhancer that makes the sound more “pretty”.  It is capable of providing a total audio solution when implemented as a global audio effect.  Using the new Volume Control API, it is possible for DPS to fulfill the functions of a hardware dsp for speaker eq and protection.  Why be limited to low quality fixed point audio processing in a low-cost dsp chip when you can have a studio-quality floating point algorithm do this work?

Load a DPS Profile – A DPS profile is the list of parameters that conforms the DPS algorithm to a specific playback device.  These profiles are created by hand/ear by Bongiovi Acoustics audio engineers using specialized tuning software and decades of recording industry experience.

We do the audio engineering so you don’t have to…

Do you need a profile for your specific application?  The Bongiovi Acoustics engineers are excited to help you find your solution.  Contact us for more information.

DPS profiles can also be created to work on a wide range of devices.  We call these “City” profiles.  The names of cities do not create any perception of sound in the user’s mind so they feel tree to try all of them and choose one that fits their individual taste.

User-Facing Features


DPS User Equalizer
This is a mastering grade 2-band parametric equalizer. It is simplified to provide high-quality treble/bass tone controls with ease of use.

Dynamic Stereo Enhancement

Dynamic Stereo Enhancement
The patented Bongiovi Dynamic Stereo Widening algorithm delivers a more immersive stereo field without sacrificing the original sound of the recording.

Most stereo enhancement or false surround-sound algorithms change the tone of music or cause dialog and other elements to become less clear.

The Bongiovi Dynamic Stereo Enhancer continuously adapts the effect to preserve important center-channel information. The user may adjust the amount of stereo field enhancement with a slider.


V3D Headphone Surround Sound
V3D provides a surround sound listening experience on any headphones.  It works in conjunction with DPS processing to provide a balanced headphone. listening experience “outside of the head”.  Click here to learn more about V3D.

The current SDK supports stereo input only (multi-channel input is currently supported only in hardware platforms).  The user may select from 7 different presets to experience better voice clarity, 3D surround enhancement for gaming, and stereo channel mixing.

DPS HEAR – This modifies the Bongiovi DPS algorithm to provide high-quality audio for headphones at a volume level that is safe for prolonged listening.  Click Here to learn more.

Karaoke Effects – Depending on the platform, Noise Gate, Reverb, Delay and automatic howling feedback suppression are available.

Click Here to request a Bongiovi DPS Evaluation Package.