Virtual Audio Driver Setup – Windows

  1. Install VB Cable virtual audio driver
  2. Set the virtual audio driver as your default output device by clicking on the speaker icon in your Windows system tray:
  3. Be sure the sample rate for the VB Cable driver is set the same for both Playback and Recording.
    1. For Playback, set this in the Windows sound control panel → Playback tab → Cable Input → Properties → Advanced tab → Default Format:     
    2. For Recording, set the same sample rate in Windows sound control panel → Recording tab → Cable Output → Properties → Advanced tab → Default Format:  

NOTE: The DPS algorithms operate with 32bit floating point samples. The Windows audio engine will convert the sample rate and bit depth of the stream to match the connected driver settings. In some cases, this conversion will result in undesirable effects. For best results, use the highest sample rate and bit depth supported by your audio device and avoid conversion to/from the virtual audio driver.

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