Latest Libraries

Includes fat binaries for debugging and release versions:

  • libDPSsdk-debug.a – for simulation support.
    • 32bit ARM
    • 64bit ARM
    • 32bit Intel
    • 64bit Intel
  • libDPSsdk.a – for release on mobile devices only.
    • 32bit ARM
    • 64bit ARM

OSX Libraries are available upon request.


Audio Tap Sample – This sample demonstrates how to add Bongiovi DPS processing using Apple’s MTAudioProcessingTap available in iOS 6 and up, and is based largely on Apple sample code. The DpsAudioTapProcessor class contains code that demonstrates how to initialize the DPS library, load a profile, and add simple controls to interact with the DPS API.

Bongiovi DPS iOS SDK Sample App

This Evaluation Package contains an Xcode application development project.  This project is designed to give you an example of how to use the Bongiovi DPS libraries in your project.  Here are some details:

  • This project uses the Novocaine audio engine to provide an audio stream that DPS can process.
  • The DPS process call now allows 1 or 2 channels at any sample rate.
  • Version 1.0 of the DPS iOS SDK no longer uses the older .bgv format used by the current iOS app in the App Store.  Version 1.0 uses the new bgvx format which is common to the Android SDK and all DPS 2.0 applications.

Sample App Contents:

  • DPSsdkSample
    • DPSLicFile.lic – This license file is required to use the Bongiovi DPS SDK.  Please contact Bongiovi Acoustics for a license file for your app.
    • DPSsdk.h – This header file includes all functions exposed in the Bongiovi DPS SDK.
    • – All DPS functions are called in this file.
    • libDPSsdk.a – This is the pre-compiled DPS audio processing library file.
      • The DPS lib file is compiled fat for both iOS 32 and 64bit ARM.
      • The debug version provides support in the iOS simulator.
  • Novocaine – This is the audio player used to demonstrate DPS processing.
  • Profiles – This folder contains 2 .bgva sound profiles that are selected in the view controller.  You may replace these with profiles in the DPS iOS SDK profiles folder to hear different audio effects possible with DPS.