The DPS Core plugin provides unique Bongiovi AGC dynamic range control capabilities for Analog Devices Sigma Studio platforms:

  • Create a balanced, full-spectrum signal that can easily overcome loud noise environments.
  • Restore dynamics and lost content from overly compressed program material.
  • Bring out details in movies, games and other content while maintaining the natural relationship of sonic elements.
  • Significantly increase speech intelligibility.
  • Perform large amounts (>10dB) gain reduction with fast attack and release with minimal pumping and other artifacts.
  • When used as a part of a speaker protection system (DRC), a more natural representation of the original mix can be achieved at max volume.

Chip Compatibility

  • Sigma100 core ADAU1401, ADAU1701, ADAU1940
  • Sigma200 core ADAU144x, ADAU1761, ADAU1461
  • Sigma300 and Sigma350 cores ADAU145x, ADAU146x

More information is available from the Bongiovi audio engineering team.  Contact us for usage and licensing details

Sigma Studio example schematics and XML file templates available by request.