Tuning Tools

Usability is a core principal for Bongiovi Acoustic Labs. As such, Bongiovi Acoustic Labs has developed a unique and accessible toolset for calibrating the tuning parameters available in our SDKs.

The Bongiovi Acoustic Labs Profile Creator Software is a Windows application designed to allow anyone to create an amazing sounding product with a wide range of use cases.

Platform Compatibility

The Profile Creator tuning tool is designed to work with any and all platforms using Serial, HID, I2C, and Ethernet connections. The Bongiovi audio processing SDK is also simulated in the tool for demonstration and prototyping new audio products.

No hassle. No fuss.

There is one tool and system used for all Bongiovi Acoustic Labs Algorithms and supported platforms creating a simple, uniform experience across a wide range of product applications.

Profile System

Bongiovi Acoustic Labs parameter settings are called “Profiles”. With our years of experience, we have developed a system for creating, organizing, and managing these profiles for tuning/product development and product implementation. This system is designed for ease of use in collaborative team environment.

Using Profile Creator

Profile Creator is designed to be user friendly for audio professionals. Easy to understand parameters are key to the accessibility and overall usability of the algorithms. Workspaces can be easily organized with the window system inside of profile creator. Integrated notes make working back through saved tunings a breeze.