This project is set up for the Keil ARM IDE version 4 using the Nuvoton NUC505 Board Support Package (BSP) version 3.00.002.  The Bongiovi DPS Keil project must be placed into the proper folder in the bsp:

  • NUC505 Evaluation Board  <– Root folder of the BSP
    • Document  <– Full documentation for the BSP is in here.
    • Library
    • Third Party
    • Sample Code
      • BootTemplate
      • CortexM4
      • FreeRTOS
      • Hard_Fault_Sample
      • Semihost
      • Template
      • StdDriver  <– The Bongiovi SDK project folder is placed here.
        • I2S_InternalCODEC_DMA5 Bongiovi DPS vx.x.x
        • This is the Bogniovi SDK project folder.
        • Place indices.c file here.
        • This folder also includes DPSlib, nuc505_isr.c and main.c.
          • KEIL
          • I2S_InternalCODEC_DMA5_DEVBoard.uvproj project file is here.  Double-click the .uvproj file to launch Keil and open the Bongiovi DPS SDK project.
            • obj
            • The compiled I2S_InternalCODEC_DMA5_DEVBoard.bin file is generated here.  This is the file that will be flashed into the NUC505 using the Nu-Link ICP programming tool.

Legacy EVB Setup

NUC505 diagram nuc505 serial

Flashing the Legacy EVB

  1. Connect the Nu-Link ICP Programming Tool to your computer’s USB port.
  2. Connect the NUC505 Audio Board to the Nu-Link via Connector 6.
  3. Set the jumper on the Audio Board to ICP programming mode as shown in the picture.nuc505IDEflash
  4. Turn on the Audio Board by pressing the on/off button.
    • The Nu-Link tool should supply power to the Audio Board.  If enough current is not available on your USB port, connect DC power to the Audio Board.
  5. Click the Flash menu in Keil.
  6. Click Download.
    • If this is the first time flashing, you may be prompted to update the firmware of the Nu-Link.  Follow the instructions for updating the firmware.  Updating the firmware of the Nu-Link is stable and will not harm the Nu-Link.
    • After updating the firmware, you will have to click Flash/Download again.
  7. If connection is successful, you will see a blue progress bar at the bottom of the Keil window.  The .bin file will be flashed into the NUC505.
  8. Disconnect Audio Board from the Nu-Link tool.
  9. Remove the jumper from the Audio Board.
  10. Connect audio and serial to the Audio Board to verify your changes.