Branding and Design

Design recommendations when using Bongiovi logos on products and packaging:

  • Some form of the B logo must be included.  In the official logo package, we include the B logo with “Bongiovi Acoustic Labs” and “DPS Technology” text.
    • If horizontal space is limited, the B logo may be placed above the text.
    • The B logo may be used by itself if Bongiovi Acoustic Labs or DPS Technology has been listed elsewhere on the product or packaging.
  • Use the monochrome version if the official logo colors cannot be used.  A Color Specification is included in the official package.  In cases where these colors cannot be used (embossing, silver or gold lettering etc) the monochome variation of the logo must be used.
    • NOTE: The colors of the B logo must not be changed.

Design recommendations when using Bongiovi DPS in an app:

  • Please use the Bongiovi logo somewhere in your app.  If Bongiovi On/Off control is on a settings screen you may use it there.  We appreciate phrases like “Volume boost powered by Bongiovi DPS” or “Audio Enhancement by Bongiovi Acoustics”.
  • Be clear about when Bongiovi DPS is On or Off.  If Bongiovi DPS is a major part of the sound of your app, the default should be On.  The button, switch or checkbox should make it very obvious Bongiovi DPS is enhancing the audio.  Alert your user to “hear the Bongiovi DPS difference” if it is a new feature in your app.
  • Allow the user to choose profiles.  The power of Bongiovi DPS lies in the profiles.  Having a few choices will give your user power to customize their sound.  You may also make profiles available on your website for download.
  • Demo time limits – If Bongiovi DPS is a paid upgrade in your application, please consider allowing ample time for your customer to understand the benefit of Bongiovi DPS audio enhancement.  A minimum of 10 minutes per launch is recommended.  This allows the customer to try different profiles and the various features offered by Bongiovi DPS.
  • Bongiovi DPS uses CPU cycles.  The percentage of CPU usage will vary depending upon the power of the device.  If battery life is a concern, allow the user to bypass DPS (do not call the DPS library in the audio stream) if desired.
  • Consider your audience.  Are they familiar with audio processing tools?  If they are are not, consider simplified Equalizer controls for Bass and Treble.  Also, the Headphone and Stereo Enhancement features may be reduced to simple On/Off controls.